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Prayer List


Jennifer Baldwin - cyst on thyroid, biopsy

Ray Baldwin - cancer

Lillian Bowling - cancer has returned

Jeff Curry - recent stroke, tests, speech therapy

Doug Deeds - breathing issues

Lori Donahue - recent back surgery, in a lot of pain

Josh Grimm - doing well after recent transplant

Jim Haynie - multiple myeloma, change in treatment, also recent cataract surgeries

June Holbrook - home & doing therapy

Larry Miller - deteriorating hip, also bone marrow biopsy to determine anemia issues

Kendall Morrison - (11 years old) continued issues with seizures

Bill Nance -  heart issues

Gail Nelson - breast cancer has metastasized to spine

Ben & Donna Osgood - traveling

Becky Payne - pacemaker

Gary Payne - recent fall, broken bones, surgery, doing better

Eddie Payne - finished treatments

Kay Wilks - recent blood transfussion


Remember: Nancy Hall, Ruby Stone, Barbara Phelps, Carla Baldwin, Brian Dickerson, Cassie Kelley, Larry and Rose Miller, Wilda Martin, Roy Spencer, Lynn Drake, Becky Payne, Iiona Naper, Melissa Zacor, Trudy Martin

Military Listing

Caleb Freeman - Air Force

Ralph Hojas Aites - Army (Mark's nephew)

Elijah Payne - Army

Nathan Payne - Army Reserves

Tyler Payne - Army

Sean Rowsey - Air Force, special forces