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Prayer List

April 17, 2018

Denise Collins - Karen Collin's sister in law, cancer throughout her body.

Ed Combs - home

Cosie Cook - started bone marrow transplant.

Della Davis - Betty Lynd's sister, dementia, bro. and wife taking care of her.

Carolyn Forbush - sister of Larry Sellards, Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Sandy Galloway - complications after surgery

Caroline Hall - lymphoma

Roy & Nancy Hall - had to move to Florida.

Dana Haney - Jim's nephew, took a bad fall. Lower legs busted up pretty bad.

Becky Martin - hospice care.

Wilda Martin - bone deterioration.

Jeff McCray - heart attack, back to work now.

Jim McMillan - husband of former co-worker of Sara Moore, had leg amputated.

Larry & Rose Mary Miller - ongoing health problems

Sierra Miller - recent knee surgery

Penny Nichols - added a morphine pump

Beverly Osborn - doing very poorly, last round of treatments.

Hazel Phelps - Barb's sister in law, liver cancer.

Phoebe Phelps - underwent surgery to remove an abscess at the base of her spine. Doing better.

Peggy Rowe - recent stent, doing okay.

Brad Runyon - awaiting a liver transplant at home.

Roy Spencer - undergoing rehabilitation.

Ed Steerman - started chemo.

Morgan Yates - baby has heart blockage, will need pacemaker after birth.

Remember: Roy and Nancy Hall, Don Kelley, Gertrude Hastings, Bernie Kinder, Larry and Rose Miller.

Homebound friends: Gertrude Hastings

MIlitary Listing

Caleb Freeman - stateside, now in Arizona.

Tyler Payne - Army,  stateside, now in Kansas

Sean Rowsey - Air Force, special forces

Brian Runion - Navy, transferred to Seattle

Ralph Hojas - Army (Mark's nephew)