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Prayer List

January 20, 2022

Prayers for our country with the Covid crisis.  Tri-State at Burgundy level, meaning severe.

Beverly Adams - several tumors in her stomach

Connie Adkins - relative of Betty Lynd, stroke, blood behind eye.

Carla Baldwin - cellulitis, at home, swollen and in a lot of pain.

Abby Bloomfield - health issues.

Linda Christian - bladder surgery, now home

Shirley Christian - feeding tube came out. Due to weather, hasn't gotten it back in.

Brian Dickerson - chemotherapy. Unable to do last week's treatment due to low platelet levels.

Angie Freeman's mother - COVID, now home but on oxygen.

Danny Freeman - Mike & Kent's brother, COVID

Rebecca Hager - eye problems.

Robin Sharp Heinz - At Harbor Health Care, Ironton undergoing therapy. To go home soon.

Brenda (Kearns) Horan - relative of Gilda. Critical

Bonnie Huron - Greasy Ridge, unable to walk. Taken to St. Marys by ambulance.

Cassie Kelley - Barry Kelley's daughter, found more cancer. Body scan this week.

Sandy Leffingwell - cousin of Betty Lynd, despite treatment, her tumor is growing. Not doing well.

Jim Martin - biopsies, February 1st.

Aaron McCoy - phone in from community. COVID

Debbie McGee - home, continuing to improve!

Larry Miller - problems with feet and knees. Recuperating from surgery.

Sarah Moore - requests prayers. 

Phyllis Morris - relative of Betty Lynd, bad fall, hospitalized.

Troy Murphy - relative of Martins and Millers, able to move slightly.

Mary Nance - diverticulitis

Ilona Napier - Wilda's sister, recuperating.

Ethel Porter - covid and flu

Christina Regan - Mark's daughter in Florida. COVID

David Roach - second round of COVID

Robert Slaughter - Roger's brother, hospitalized, dialysis.

Roy Spencer - back issues, MRI in February. Requests prayers!

Alec Stone - recuperating from wrist surgery.

Bob Strong - Becky Sharp's neighbor, home recuperating from pneumonia.

Brenda Sutherland - friend of Paula Aites, going through aggressive therapy.

Linda Tanner - Paul Drake's sister, continued health problems.

Paul Wilks - nephew of Mike Freeman, COVID

Beverly Wickline - blood clots in lungs and legs, cyst on kidneys

Rowland Woody - request for prayers, health issues

Remember: Nancy Hall, Carla Baldwin, Linda Bone, Larry and Rose Miller, Wilda Martin, Roy Spencer, Lynn Drake, Becky Payne, Ruby Stone.

Military Listing

Caleb Freeman - Air Force

Ralph Hojas Aites - Army (Mark's nephew)

Elijah Payne - Army, Germany

Nathan Payne - Army Reserves, back home

Tyler Payne - Army, in the states

Sean Rowsey - Air Force, special forces