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Prayer List

January 13, 2021

Prayers for our country with the Covid crisis.

Carla Baldwin - recent car accident. Received stitches, staples, and has two broken ribs. She requests prayers!

Shirley Christian - recently hospitalized due to cancer.

Dorsey Drake - Paul's brother in a nursing home recuperating from the Coronavirus.

Lynn Drake - continued prayers

Scott Freeman - Kent's son, Covid and large abscess; may require surgery.

Brittany Jaime - De'Shanay Stenson's mother, had her thyroid removed because of cancer.

Kristi McComas - Gilda's daughter, continued prayers. Doing better!

Larry & Rose Miller - doing better recuperating from the coronavirus.

Sarah Moore - neck and back problems and other health problems.

Bob Payne - finished treatments. Got great news, complete remission! Was at in-person services Sunday!

Robert Slaughter & wife - both tested positive. Brother and sister in law of Roger Slaughter.

Roy Spencer - recuperating from back surgery; in a brace for several more weeks. 

Sharon Spencer - both cataract surgeries were successful.

De-Shanay Stenson - had a procedure to take care of an infection near her ear.

Ruby Stone - continued prayers.

Remember: Nancy Hall, Steve Higginbotham, Larry and Rose Miller, Jim and Wilda Martin, Roy and Sharon Spencer.

MIlitary Listing

Caleb Freeman - now stateside.

Tyler Payne - now deployed overseas

Sean Rowsey - Air Force, special forces

Ralph Hojas - Army (Mark's nephew)