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Prayer List

Springer Watts, Jim Haynie's daughter, passed away. Cosie Cook passed away.

In Hospital, Becky Payne in St. Marys. Curt Roberts was moved to Riverbend for therapy.

June 17, 2018

Della Davis - Betty Lynd's sister, dementia, bro. and wife taking care of her.

Carolyn Forbush - sister of Larry Sellards, Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Judy Gibbons - stage 4 lung cancer, unresponsive

Don Kelley - had his last chemo treatment this round

Gilda Kinder - hip problems

Becky Martin - hospice care.

Wilda Martin - health problems

Larry & Rose Mary Miller - ongoing health problems, Rose has thyroid biopsy June 25th

Penny Nichols - added a morphine pump

Beverly Osborn - doing very poorly, last round of treatments.

Becky Payne - St. Marys, struggling from infection and arrhythmia problems. Doing better.

Barbara Phelps - ear surgery June 7th, went well

Hazel Phelps - Barb's sister in law, liver cancer.

Curt Roberts - moved to Riverbend for therapy. Has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Roger Slaughter - liver cancer

Roy Spencer - health problems

Debbie Wilson - request by Rachel, Debbie has breast cancer, large tumor.

Remember: Roy and Nancy Hall, Don Kelley, Gertrude Hastings, Bernie Kinder, Larry and Rose Miller.

Homebound friends: Gertrude Hastings

MIlitary Listing

Caleb Freeman - stateside, now in Arizona.

Tyler Payne - Army,  stateside, now in Kansas

Sean Rowsey - Air Force, special forces

Ralph Hojas - Army (Mark's nephew)